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Green business is smart business.

The benefits of workplace charging extend far beyond tax rebates and incentives.

Offering Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to your employees is beneficial to your company in more ways than you might think.

  • Tenant attraction and retention: Building owners who offer workplace charging at their facilities convey they are interested in providing smart, proactive solutions for their tenants’ present and future needs. Entering this fast-growing niche market today may yield significant benefits in the long run.
  • Public image: Providing workplace charging demonstrates an organization’s support of clean transportation technologies to customers, consumers, the community and its employees.
  • Employee satisfaction: Workplace charging is an attractive addition to your organization’s existing employee benefits package. Employees appreciate their employer being proactive in seeking out ways to enhance their experience at the workplace.
  • Employee recruitment and retention: Employers who offer charging are better positioned to attract and retain employees who do drive or plan on driving electric vehicles.
  • Furthering sustainability goals: Electric vehicle charging helps reach sustainability goals related to employee commuting practices, greenhouse gas reductions, and/or transportation emissions reductions.



If you are interested in commercial charging costs (workplace charging, fleet charging, destination charging, or multi-unit dwelling charging), please see the chart below. This chart below uses the average US commercial electric rate (December 2019).

Download: How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle – commercial rates

Introducing ChargeGuard®!

Affordable Access Control ‘Unlike Anything Else Available on the Market’

The ChargeGuard® option, priced at an affordable $78, delivers reliable key-based access control for the Level 2, 240V ClipperCreek® HCS Series product line which starts at $565. The combination costs as little as $643, and is a great value for an access-controlled charging solution… unlike anything else available on the market.

ChargeGuard® is an affordable access control solution designed for fleet, workplace, multi-tenant, hospitality and residential charging applications.

The HCS with ChargeGuard® is a Robust and cost-effective solution for companies who desire access control but do not want to pay high upfront hardware costs or ongoing network fees.It allows station owners to issue keys to restrict usage and control electric utility expenses.

ChargeGuard® was developed in part based on feedback from employers who want to offer charging for their employees at an affordable price point.


Using the ChargeGuard® is simple: plug the vehicle in, insert the key into the unit, and turn to start charging. The key can be removed and power will be available until the vehicle is disconnected.

The key can also be left in place in the “on” position for open access charging.

“Work is the second most likely place people charge their electric vehicles. If we give people the ability to charge when they’re at work, we can significantly up the potential for mass market adoption of electrified vehicle technology.”

Steve Henderson

Ford Motors Sustainability Manager

Keep your company ahead of the curve

Experts predict that electric vehicles will make up 35% of global new car sales by 2040 and the cost of ownership will fall below conventional fuel vehicles by 2025.

Consumers often choose to buy their first electric car as a commuter vehicle (it quickly becomes the preferred vehicle in the household!). EV drivers charge at home or work 90 percent of the time, so expanding the availability of workplace charging infrastructure plays a significant role in getting more EVs on the road. It also helps attract and retain top talent!


BEST SELLERS – Workplace


Simple Access Control


32A | Level 2 | 240V


16A  Level 2 | 240V


16A  Level 1 | 120V


Many PEV drivers charge their vehicles primarily at home, but accessing chargers at work can double their vehicles’ all-electric range. To increase convenience and affordability, the Workplace Charging Challenge encourages employers to provide charging access for employees. Learn more about the benefits of workplace charging and how to Join the Challenge.


Learn about PEV workplace charging to determine if it is right for your organization, and find resources to help install and manage workplace charging.


Access outreach tools and materials to engage employees on the benefits of driving electric and help promote workplace charging in your community.


It’s the right time to invest in charging infrastructure

EVSE infrastructure is more affordable than ever before

There are many rebates and tax incentives for purchasing and installing a Level 2 charging station at your business.



ClipperCreek Partners

ClipperCreek partners with a variety of businesses for various commercial charging solutions. If your business has unique needs, ClipperCreek likely has a perfect solution. Contact us to learn more.


PowerFlex’s Adaptive Charging Network is the first electric vehicle charging system based on the  most advanced load management technology today. The company specializes in fleet electrical vehicle charging systems for workplaces, schools, and multi family complexes.  Learn more:

PowerFlex Systems created Adaptive Load Management (ALM), a software algorithm that optimizes power consumption across a large network of charging stations.With ALM, a site can install many more charging stations than the electrical code would traditionally allow.We can reduce peak power consumption and still provide drivers with the range they need. Everybody benefits! Read more >

To find out more about some of our other partners visit:


Latest Workplace Charging News from ClipperCreek

Choosing Charging that Works for You

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More than one EV? How to manage charging

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Maximize your infrastructure investment

 Share2® option, now available with any ClipperCreek HCS-40, HCS-50, HCS-60 or HCS-80

Share2® provides excellent value for our commercial customers. More fleet operators are converting to electric and businesses are recognizing the many benefits of offering workplace charging as the number of plug-in vehicle makes and models increases.

Level 2 charging stations and electricity costs are relatively low; electrical infrastructure upgrades can be quite substantial, however. Share2® allows a business to inexpensively double the number of charging stations at their facility.

ClipperCreek’s Share2® enabled HCS offers our standard best-in-class product features including a three year warranty; a fully sealed, rugged NEMA 4 enclosure; 25 feet of charge cable; and a separate low profile wall mount connector holster. Share2® is also compatible with the ChargeGuard® key-based access control and can be ordered with the Ruggedized HCS-40R charging stations.

A bundled package of two stations enabled with the Share2® starts at $1498.

The Highest Standards. The Happiest Customers.

Here is what our clients are saying

I just want to mention that since we bought ClipperCreek EV charging station from Americar, the use and management of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV in our Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica has been pleasant, more practical, and faster for the user. In the past, we had to charge only when it was almost empty, took up to 14 hours and that affects us very much, because if the user needs to go to the airport and has less than half of battery total charge, we couldn’t  use it; but now, with this new unit, it works perfectly. We just connect it daily and the car is fully charged all the time!

- Adrian Mora Cedeño

Motor Pool Supervisor, U.S. Embassy, San Jose, Costa Rica

We received the new HCS-40 and installed it, and it has worked flawlessly.

I very much appreciate your followup and Clipper Creek’s excellent customer service and warranty policies, and always recommend Clipper Creek to people who ask me about EVSE’s, citing both the confidence of UL listing and the excellent customer service.

One new employee showed up with a plug-in Ford Fusion Energi and was thrilled to learn that the company offers onsite EV charging, and our company’s semi-retired founder appeared in his Volvo XC90 and was pleased to be able to plug in and drive home on electric power. And I plug in my Ford Focus EV every day, powering my commute on about 90 cents of electricity.

- Ken R.

Lund Engineering

2018 Product Catalog

View or download the 2018 ClipperCreek catalog to see our complete product line up including charging stations, accessories, mounting pedestals, cable management and apparel. Contact your ClipperCreek commercial sales representative if you need a copy.


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Commercial Sales Contacts:

For more information or assistance with our commercial electric vehicle charging solutions, please contact your Manufacturer’s Representative. Contact information for your Representative can be found by clicking on your state.

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