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Installing an HCS-40 (Ask This Old House)

ClipperCreek is proud to have been featured on a recent episode of Ask This Old House. See how easily they install our most popular EV charging station – the HCS-40.

Installing an HCS-40 (Ask This Old House)

Most electric vehicles pretty much use the same charging connector, this right here. The difference is the amount of power that’s going to the car.

This one here plugs into a standard 120 Volt house receptacle. But the bad news, it could take up to 20 hours to charge your vehicle.


Which means you’d have to go to work every other day.

Yeah that’s not going to work.

Alright well this is what I install. This has the same connector, plugs into the car, but we hardwire it. We hardwire it right into the house’s electrical system. And this provides three times as much power. It’ll charge your car in six to eight hours.

Now I’d like to mount this unit right here so that it will plug easily into your car. Now we gotta run a big wire to it and I gotta tie into your house’s electrical system, could you show me where that is?

Yeah let me show you.

Alright –

Come here.

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