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Dual Charging Station (HCS-D) Installation/Swap-out

Swap out your existing HCS charging station from ClipperCreek and charge two electric cars simultaneously with the new HCS-D Dual Charging Station. And for a limited time, ClipperCreek will buy back your original HCS charging station.

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Dual Charging Station (HCS-D) installation/swap out

Need to charge more than one EV at a time? ClipperCreek has the solution! This video shows how quick and simple it is to swap out your existing HCS with our new HCS-Dual, courtesy of Phil Haupt Electric.

A quick swap saves time and money! Save on electrical infrastructure costs by using our new HCS-Dual to charge two EVs with just one 40 Amp circuit.

Current owners of HCS units can now take advantage of our Trade-UP program where you can get 250 dollars back! Give our ClipperCreek customer support team a call or order online today.

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