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Buyer's Guide Series for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Charging Outdoors

Many customers ask us if it's safe to install or use a charging station outdoors, even in bad weather. Watch our short video to learn all about charging an electric vehicle outdoors.

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Buyer’s Guide Series for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Charging Outdoors

Hi and welcome to ClipperCreek’s Video Buyer’s Guide for Electric Vehicle charging stations. Today we’re going to talk about charging outdoors. Let’s face it we don’t all have a roomy garage to fit our electric vehicle in so you might be wondering if you can install a charging station and charge your car outdoors. And yes, you can! But we do have a few tips to make it safe, efficient, and easier for you.

First off not all charging stations can be installed outdoors. For an outdoor installation we recommend installing a hardwired 240 Volt charging station. Our hardwired charging stations have a fully sealed NEMA 4 rated enclosure. You see NEMA 3 enclosures can allow water to enter as long as the water can drip out. You’re much better off if the components inside the station are completely protected from outdoor elements.

You want a little bit more protection? A Connector Holster, which can be installed either indoors or outdoors, provides a secure place to store the connector head and extra protection from the elements.

And obviously it’s not going to be sunny every day of the year so many customers ask if its safe to charge their cars when it’s raining or snowing. Absolutely! So get charging, rain or shine.

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