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Buyer's Guide Series for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Cable Length

Many people wonder how long of a cable they need when purchasing a level 2 charging station. This short video discusses some of the reasons you might want to choose as long as possible!

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Buyer’s Guide Series for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Cable Length

Hi and welcome to ClipperCreek’s Video Buyer’s Guide for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. When looking at buying a charging station customers always ask us about a very important feature: how long of a cable they should buy. The short answer? As long as possible!

We’ve probably all experienced it in our homes when the vacuum cleaner cord just doesn’t quite reach; it can get really frustrating. And it’s the same with electric vehicles except they’re harder to move.

You really want the longest cable money can buy. The good news, even though the industry sells cables starting at nine feet, all of ClipperCreek’s charging stations have a 25 foot cable as a standard offering. And we don’t charge a premium.

A long cable can save you on installation expense because your charging station can be installed closer to the service panel saving time for your electrician. It also gives you added operational flexibility. For example, you may want to park your car in the driveway for an afternoon or a friend with an electric car may need to use your charger.

Even if you don’t need the extra cable length today it isn’t a problem because all of our charging stations have an integrated cable wrap making cable management easy. Or you could mount a separate cable holder in case you want to want to install your charging station in one spot but keep the cable wrapped and handy in another spot.

So for optimal flexibility go with a 25 foot cable like those offered at ClipperCreek. Save money on installation and make your life just a little bit easier with a long cable.

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