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Installing an EV Charging Station

ClipperCreek is known for having the easiest installs in the industry. Easy installations save time and money. Here’s a video of a Sacramento area electrician, Phil Haupt Electric, installing the ClipperCreek HCS-40, a 32 Amp Level 2 charging station.

Installing an EV Charging Station

Join us for a simple demonstration installing the new HCS charging station by ClipperCreek Incorporated with CEO Jason France and Phil Haupt Electric. The HCS is a 30 Amp charging station featuring 25 feet of cable, a three year warranty and provides the lowest installation cost in the industry and there’s no assembly required. The three step installation process is fast and easy.

First, install the junction box. Please be sure to follow all local building codes. Second, using a single wall stud use two screws to attach the unit to the wall and two more for the holster. Then simply wire it up.

(Closeup of wires and overview of station with connector holster is shown.)

Like this, right? So it doesn’t have the connector hanging out in the room with the cable hanging out where you’re going to catch it, instead it’s here and it has a nice low profile, holds the cable against the wall . (Jason shows connector facing the charging station versus placed horizontally in the holster above.) A lot of other people’s charging stations of course the cable actually leans back against the wall and the cable gets dirty and it puts dirt on your wall. Actually here it completely hangs so it’s not touching the wall.

Aaron, Professional Electrician at Phil Haupt Electric says speaks.

I really like the application because this whip will allow you to utilize the box that is already pre-installed in all homes now, generally within three to four feet of your main panel on the opposite side of your garage wall. So if the customers don’t mind this being around three to four feet of your panel you have 25 feet of cord length to charge anywhere in your garage.

And how about only having to find one stud?

Yes, only having to find one stud is very nice. In a lot of applications we have to find two studs because it’s meant to mount on 16 inch centers. This one here is obviously just one mount here and one mount underneath and this (connector holster) mounts right above it so only having to find one stud is really nice. And in a lot of applications as well you’re working with spaces that don’t allow you to find multiple studs.

Then you end up having to punch into the sheet rock which is in support of the connector holster as well.

Right. So just finding one stud makes the application great for multiple purposes. One, it will be very sturdy because you can always find at least one stud to mount your unit to instead of having to sacrifice and put anchors in a sheet rock wall.

Thanks to Phil Haupt Electric!

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