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Hyatt Regency Sacramento Installs EV Charging Stations

The Hyatt Regency Sacramento celebrated its newly installed 26 electric vehicle charging stations this week. It is the largest single hotel EV charging cluster in the United States. Twenty ClipperCreek communications-enabled Level 2 HCS-40 Charging Stations and six Tesla charging stations were installed to service hotel and parking lot guests.

Hyatt Regency Sacramento Installs EV Charging Stations

Newscaster: It is National Drive Electric week and to celebrate the Hyatt Regency Sacramento is unveiling what could be the largest electric vehicle charging station in our area and they did it by literally cutting the gas hose.

(Scene cuts to film of a group of people celebrating the “ribbon” cutting of a literal gas hose. Crowd cheers and claps.)

Newscaster: And with that dozens of new charging stations are available to Sacramento area electric car drivers. While a number of private businesses have one or two spots where people can recharge the hotel opted to go much larger.

Lee Gray, Hyatt Regency Sacramento: We look around our own garage and we have all sorts of electric vehicles already here not getting a charge and we look ahead just a little bit in the future and we see all sorts of electric cars coming down the line so we really wanted to build something big.

Newscaster: And with 26 charging stations you’d be hard pressed to find a higher concentration of places to plug in. The hotel is going out of its way to make it even more convenient for drivers.

David N, Lives in El Dorado Hills: They even have a valet service so you can valet your car, and go get lunch, and your car will be topped off.

Newscaster: David N lives in El Dorado Hills and he says the location combined with the number of available chargers makes it the perfect spot for round trip drives to the airport.

David N: Plug you in here for an hour or so will top me off enough to make that nearly hundred mile round trip to the airport, no brainer, in this car instead of driving another car.

Newscaster: And helping guests and visitors cut down on their car emissions is something the hotel had in mind.

Lee Gray, Hyatt Regency Sacramento: We do everything we can to be green at the hotel and reduce our own carbon footprint here. This is a great segue for us because it gives us the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of guests who come to the hotel.

Newscaster: The chargers are available to anyone who uses the hotel’s garage which serves both guests and the public so if you’re ever worried about where to plug in that’s a good start.

Newscaster 2: Looks like a pretty good spot too.

Newscaster: Mm-hmm, exactly.

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