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EVSE Connectors

Short video explaining how to prevent and inspect for EVSE connector problems.

EVSE Connectors

Hi my name is Jose I’m a technician here at ClipperCreek and I’m here to talk about the different conditions of our charging stations.

One of the first things that I would do as an individual is to do a routine inspection of the unit. I usually look at the cable to make sure there are no cuts, abrasions, frays. Look at the nozzle, make sure there’s no debris in the connector, bugs, anything like that that gets in the way. It’s also a good time to see if there’s anything there that’s broken. If you see any of those conditions do not use the station, go ahead and give us a call and have it replaced.

On Screen Text: ALWAYS look in the connector AND vehicle inlet port before charging ESPECIALLY at public or workplace locations. No tears on cable. No debris in connector nozzle. Call us: (877) 694-4194

One of the things I would suggest is to have periodic inspections of the unit as well. Not just when you want to connect it but if somebody in facilities maybe once a week comes out to do a visual inspection of the units in use all the time, it’s a good time to inspect them at that point.

On Screen Text: Periodic maintenance check & before ANY USE.

One of the first conditions you should watch for is a broken tab. If you look at the nozzle here the tab is missing. Without it (the tab) the nozzle does not lock in place so it can be pulled relatively easily out of the inlet. There are a lot of times you may think it’s charging and it’s not all the way locked in place and it won’t charge.

On Screen Text: Replace: Broken tab

One of the things with a broken tab is that it could start to damage your vehicle without you being aware of it. When you pull the nozzle out if it’s in the middle of a charge you could cause arching on the pins. That’s what this little button is for and that’s what it’s used for is to release that tab from your inlet.

One of the conditions that happens when you pull this out with a broken tab is that it can cause arching. You can bypass that by pressing on the button prior to pulling the nozzle out of the inlet. A lot of times users don’t do that. That’s why if the tab is broken it’s usually the best idea to give us a call so we can replace it.

On Screen Text: Call us: (877) 694-4194

Another condition that we find is that the button here will actually get stuck in a down position. If you notice I can push down on it and the button does not bounce back up. When that happens the vehicle is not being charged. There’s a button here that actually sends a signal to the car and tells the car to stop the current from flowing.

On Screen Text: Replace: Stuck button

You can push forward on the button most of the time it will pop back up allowing you to charge but what happens is that the lever inside here breaks and sometimes you may not be able to release the nozzle. If you push the button down and the front end of the tab does not lift then you may have some difficulty with that.

So if you see that don’t use it. But if you happen to use it you can actually buy this forward on this button and then push down on that and try to make the tab come up and release the nozzle from your vehicle. At that point please call us so we can replace the unit.

On Screen text: (877) 694-4194

Another condition is the towers inside the nozzle being broken if you look at this one you can see that the plastic has broken off. Not a good idea to use the nozzle in this condition. Definitely give us a call so we can replace it.

A lot of times that can be caused by the nozzle being dropped, it could be maybe it was not inserted properly, possibly even being heat related or possibly becoming brittle when it breaks off. So give us a call and we’ll replace it for you.

On Screen Text: (877) 694-4194

A fourth condition that you’ll see is a melted tower. Looking at the nozzle here you can see when the tower’s melted due to heat. I’d highly recommend not to use it in this condition strictly because it could damage the vehicle and make the nozzle even worse, or it could have the nozzle actually stick to the inlet of the vehicle and then you wouldn’t be able to pry it off unless you broke something.

On Screen Text: Replace: Melted tower(s)

Definitely give us a call if you see a nozzle in this condition so we can replace it.

On Screen Text: (877) 694-4194

There are several light indicators on the front of the unit as you can tell here. You have the Power light which is Amber, we have a Charging light which turns Green, and then the two bottom lights will turn red when there’s a fault condition. Depending on the condition the lights will either stay solid, the lights will blink once, or the two bottom ones will blink together at a sequence anywhere between two to five times.

If you do encounter a fault condition I would suggest you make note of how many times it (the light) blinks between pauses. There is a sequence of blink, they’ll code and pause for about two seconds, and then they’ll blink again and repeat itself over and over again.

You can reset the fault condition either by turning the breaker off and turning it back on. A majority of the time it will reset allowing you to use the charger. It does have a built-in reclosure timer meaning that about after 17 minutes it will try to re-sense that fault condition. If it does not find it or sense it, it will reset itself and continue to do what it was doing prior to the fault condition so if the car needs to be charged it will continue charging.

We also have the CP-50, it basically is a tester for EVSEs it simulates a vehicle connected to your charging station so that you don’t need to have an actual car here. You can connect it to the nozzle, you can then do a “charge request” or “no request.” You can connect a scope to it and take measurements, or a voltmeter for voltage measurements. You also have a CCID Trip here that you can enable and it will then put the unit in a fault condition.

On Screen Text: (877) 694-4194

If you need any more information than this please contact us at ClipperCreek. That’s it for today, thank you for watching, and we’ll see you next time.

On Screen Text: Thanks for watching!

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