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ClipperCreek in action

Enjoy videos from ClipperCreek. If you have a video featuring a ClipperCreek product and would like to see if featured here, send it to for consideration.

EV Charging Station Incentives & Rebates

There are many incentives for the purchase and installation EV charging stations at homes or businesses. In this discussion, we will explain the basics and answer any questions you have about tax credits, and state and local rebates, including how to find them.

Choosing Charging that Works for You

Join us for a discussion about selecting the best Electric Vehicle Charging Station for your home or business. View on YouTube for use of Timestamp links.

CleanStart To-Do with Will Barrett of ClipperCreek

Will shares insights on how EV charging is changing and how ClipperCreek is managing rapid growth in a changing environment. Hear recommendations on how entrepreneurs and innovators can not only cope, but thrive during this unprecedented time.

Dual Charging Station (HCS-D) Installation/Swap-out

Swap out your existing HCS charging station from ClipperCreek and charge two electric cars simultaneously with the new HCS-D Dual Charging Station. And for a limited time, ClipperCreek will buy back your original HCS charging station.

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Buyer's Guide Series for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Hardwired or Plug-in?

After you've made the decision to buy a safety certified Level 2 charging station, often the next question is whether to buy a hardwired or a plug-in station. There are several considerations discussed in this video to help you make the most cost effective and practical decision.

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Buyer's Guide Series for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Cable Length

Many people wonder how long of a cable they need when purchasing a level 2 charging station. This short video discusses some of the reasons you might want to choose as long as possible!

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Buyer's Guide Series for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Charging Outdoors

Many customers ask us if it's safe to install or use a charging station outdoors, even in bad weather. Watch our short video to learn all about charging an electric vehicle outdoors.

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Buyers Guide Series for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Staying Safe

Charging an electric vehicle is actually really safe but you can only be sure if you use a safety certified charging station to charge your car. The challenge is that not all charging stations on the market are safety certified.

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Installing an HCS-40 (Ask This Old House)

ClipperCreek is proud to have been featured on a recent episode of Ask This Old House. See how easily they install our most popular EV charging station – the HCS-40.

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How to Pick a Level 2 Charger (@Tech)

At Tech recently produced a video about whether or not you need a Level 2 charging station and what to consider if you do.

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The CP-50 EVSE Tester

ClipperCreek, Inc. recently released the CP-50, a tool for the installation and maintenance of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). The CP-50 is a compact and reliable hand-held testing tool designed for installers, technicians and facilities maintenance personnel.

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@Tech Review of HCS-50P

From the folks over at At Tech: In this video we check out the ClipperCreek HCS-50P. This a 40A NEMA 14-50 Level 2 charger that can provide speeds up to 30mph. This is great for someone who has issues reaching a full charge overnight with a long-range EV.

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ClipperCreek Charging Station vs. Baseball Bat

Just how rugged is the ClipperCreek HCS? We contend that it’s the most rugged, durable EVSE on the market – check out some of our employees taking a swing at it!

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Installing an EV Charging Station

ClipperCreek is known for having the easiest installs in the industry. Easy installations save time and money. Here’s a video of a Sacramento area electrician, Phil Haupt Electric, installing the ClipperCreek HCS-40, a 32 Amp Level 2 charging station.

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EVSE Connectors

Short video explaining how to prevent and inspect for EVSE connector problems.

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Hyatt Regency Sacramento Installs EV Charging Stations

The Hyatt Regency Sacramento celebrated its newly installed 26 electric vehicle charging stations this week. It is the largest single hotel EV charging cluster in the United States. Twenty ClipperCreek communications-enabled Level 2 HCS-40 Charging Stations and six Tesla charging stations were installed to service hotel and parking lot guests.

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Hyatt Regency Sacramento EV Charging Stations

More video footage of the EV charging stations at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento. Read the Full Story Here

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