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Introducing the Share2 option, now available with any ClipperCreek HCS-40 or HCS-60

Share2 Power Sharing EV charging stations in use with Chevy Volt and Chevy Spark
  • Turn one charging spot into two with the HCS Share2
  • Full power charging for one vehicle, split power charging for two vehicles
  • ChargeGuard option available – simple key-based access control
  • Ruggedized charging stations and pedestal options are available

Share2 provides excellent value for our commercial customers. More fleet operators are converting to electric and businesses are recognizing the many benefits of offering workplace charging as the number of plug-in vehicle makes and models increases.

Level 2 charging stations and electricity costs are relatively low; electrical infrastructure upgrades can be quite substantial, however. Share2 allows a business to inexpensively double the number of charging stations at their facility.

ClipperCreek’s Share2 enabled HCS offers our standard best-in-class product features including a three year warranty; a fully sealed, rugged NEMA 4 e-30pxnclosure; 25 feet of charge cable; and a separate low profile wall mount connector holster. Share2 is also compatible with the ChargeGuard key-based access control and can be ordered with the Ruggedized HCS-40R charging stations.

Share2 is available for ClipperCreek HCS stations in these power levels:

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