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Receptacle Safety Instructions for 240V PlugType EVSE 

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) draws substantially more power than any average home load. As a result, it is crucial to select an appropriate receptacle that can support these products. Improper selection of receptacles at the installation sites put the EVSE at risk of overheating and may result in a fire hazard. 

A simple way to ensure your receptacle model will be a good fit for the EVSE is to check the metal contacts visible on the front face. It is strongly recommended to select a high-quality industrial-grade outlet that has two full contacts in both receptacle slots.  

Revised Good plug bad plug

As can be seen in Figures 1 & 4 above, a good receptacle has a contact surface area that occupies the entire slot and makes full contact with the blade of the plug. In contrast Figures 2 & 5 show how bad receptacles have contacts that occupy only half the slot. Figures 3 & 6 are provided to demonstrate the contact that would be made as the NEMA plugs are inserted into the respective receptacles.  

It is also highly recommended that a qualified electrician inspects the premise wire connections on the back of a pre-existing NEMA outlet before using it. Wire connection points behind the receptacle may become loose or oxidized if they were installed many years ago and may cause the outlet to fail. Ensure that the receptacles are free of any physical damage or defects prior to the installation of the EVSE. 

Learn more about EVSE charging safety here:

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