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Cyber Switching EV Management Controller (EVMC)

Manage, Monitor, Control & Monetize Your EV Charging Infrastructure

Whether you are a fleet manager, a facility manager, or a multi-family property manager, cost-effective charging infrastructure and charging can be daunting. Finally there is a solution that can optimize the power needed to efficiently charge multiple electric vehicles while reducing costs to do so.

Cyber Switching recently introduced a new solution called the EV Master Controller (EVMC), compatible with ClipperCreek Electric Vehicle Safety Equipment (EVSE, also commonly referred to as ‘charging stations’). The EVMC provides substantial savings to the installation costs of EVSEs as well as to monthly utility bills.

Installing Charging Infrastructure Can Be Costly

Multiply your existing EVSEs with ClipperCreek & Cyber Switching!



Cyber Switching’s EV Master Controller (EVMC) allows 4 EVSEs on a single circuit.

Up to 8 EVSEs are supported on a single circuit by using the EVMC with ClipperCreek’s Dual or Share-2 EVSEs. The EVMC smartly charges all vehicles to 100%, bypassing fully charged cars and unused stations. This device can be “bolted on” to an existing EVSE circuit – avoiding costly panel or service upgrades. The intelligent EVMC enables the administrator to monitor, control, and bill for assigned parking spots.

Do You Need Reporting With Your ClipperCreek EVSEs? 

ClipperCreek and Cyber Switching have joined forces to provide intelligence to ClipperCreek EVSEs with the ability to monitor, control, report and bill usage.

Cyber Switching’s Electric Vehicle Master Controller (EVMC) is a networked device that supports four EVSEs on a rotational schedule. The EVMC reports power usage to Cyber Switching’s energy management Dashboard or third party application via Ethernet, WiFi, or cellular connection. If you need to allocate or bill consumption cost to an assigned parking space, the Dashboard’s tenant billing feature provides a great solution; besides providing real-time monitoring and alerts, the EVMC can also provide a preferred charging rotation and limit use to specific hours.

Lastly, if you need to add ClipperCreek EVSEs to your EV Ecosystem, Cyber Switching’s EVMC can multiply your existing number of EVSEs by four without additional utility or panel upgrades.

Contact your representative to learn more about Cyber Switching.

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