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When you need EV Charging management solutions, ClipperCreek connects with Partners you can trust.


ampUp, preparing for a world in which the majority of us drive EVs, operates a mobile app that connects a network of thousands of EV chargers and drivers. Using the app, an electric vehicle owner can quickly identify an available and compatible charger and EV charger owners can earn cash sharing their charger at their own price and their own schedule.

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AppCTRL® is a smart system of products and services designed to give facility operators total control of the EV charging experience. Based on the international standard ISO 17800 – The Facility Smart Grid Information Model – it allows for full monitoring and control of EVSE using existing energy management infrastructures. Setup unlimited multisite EV Charging networks that you own and operate, or use AppCTRL® Cloud based services. AppCTRL® Off-Grid charging includes solar and energy storage to improve the energy security and resiliency of your smart buildings. AppCTRL® is developed by Pine Shore Energy LLC and made available thru certified dealers in over 100 offices worldwide.

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Cyber Switching Solutions is introducing a new solution called the EV Master Controller (EVMC). The EVMC provides substantial savings to the installation costs of EV charging stations as well as to the monthly utility bills where EV chargers are found. Whether you are a fleet manager needing to deploy and keep charged dozens of Electric Vehicles, a corporate or municipal facility manager needing to provide charging to dozens or more EVs, or a multi-family property manager or owner needing to comply by providing EV charging stations for your tenants, the challenges of cost-effectively providing power to Electric Vehicles can be daunting, and the costs to install and provide that power can be prohibitive. Finally there is a solution that can optimize the power needed to efficiently charge multiple electric vehicles while reducing the costs to do so. Read More >

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EVauto® provides an easy-to-use smart load control system that minimizes utility costs, ensures charge cycle reliability and monitors usage. Our patent pending algorithms delivers the most efficient charge management tool on the market today. Our FleetManager interface provides fleet managers complete control over each charger so that they can focus on their fleet without needing to understand utility tariffs. Automatic algorithms enable energy managers to optimize charging in concert with fleet operations. The system features robust reporting, automatic DR, facility wide demand control  and is compatible with all ClipperCreek controllable chargers.

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The dawning of the Electric Vehicle era is upon us. Fleets of all sorts are adopting or building plans to adopt EVs into service. However, until Multiforce announced the FuelForce/EV Platform, there was no truly integrated system to manage the electricity used to charge (“fuel”) EVs as a standard fleet fuel. The FuelForce® EV Platform is a robust fuel/energy management solution is made up of both hardware and software components.  The hardware centers around the controller, the FuelForce® 814-EV. The controller provides verification and authentication to allow charging and to monitor and track the charging transaction. Once complete, the transaction is logged at the controller, capturing power consumption for electric vehicle charging by vehicle, driver, site, or department and can include the various utility billing tiers.

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GridRabbit is an end-to-end hardware and software IoT smart building and room solution. The Smart Grid Billing’s GridRabbit system, is a sophisticated energy management platform geared specifically for hotels. In addition to monitoring and controlling the power available for charging to avoid utility demand charges, the GridRabbit system also optimizes power utilization across other appliances at the hotel.

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Kitu Systems

As a global leader in intelligent energy, Kitu Systems solves the complex information and communication technology challenges of the distributed, interconnected and coordinated energy network. Our Electric Vehicle Service Platform, Kitu Convoy, is a comprehensive solution allowing site owners to serve tenants, guests, employees or customers easily and securely.  Kitu Convoy is highly interoperable and integrates with multiple Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturers, following industry standards.

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Liberty PlugIns

Liberty PlugIns is dedicated to providing easy-to-use, low cost, flexible EV charging systems for shared parking areas. Whether you simply want to limit access to EV-charging, or whether you want to bill for energy usage, review reports and implement utility Demand Response programs… from simple to complex, Liberty PlugIns has your EV charging solution.

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OpConnect’s cloud-based EV charging solutions help to increase the transition of transportation to electric, reduce greenhouse gases and improve our environment.  We are dedicated to helping mitigate the impacts air pollution and greenhouse gasses by providing solutions that maximize the benefits that electric vehicles (EVs) can have to reduce emissions.

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PowerFlex Systems

PowerFlex is a developer of adaptive electric vehicle charging network. The company specializes in fleet electrical vehicle charging systems for workplaces, campuses, and multi family complexes. PowerFlex’s Adaptive Charging Network is the first electric vehicle charging system based on the most advanced load management technology today.

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W.W. Williams

W.W. Williams, in partnership with Southwest Gas, has created a solution by bringing clean-burning natural gas to on-site generation. Fleet customers can install a charging infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of the standard setup and avoid demand charges and off-peak schedules. Charge multiple vehicles as you want, whenever you want.

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Zef Energy

Zef Energy is Minnesota and Wisconsin’s largest and independently owned and operated DC Fast Charging Network. Over the last four years, ZEF has successfully worked with cities, utilities, non-profit, and for-profit partners to provide increased availability of reliable and cost-effective electric vehicle charging across the midwest.

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