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Hot Weather Tips for Electric Vehicles

5 Tips for Maximizing EV Range in Hot Weather

High temperatures can make us all feel a bit drained on energy – it’s no different with your electric vehicle! Anything that stresses the battery of an electric vehicle,¬†including excessive heat, can cause the available range to diminish. We’ve compiled five tips for maximizing EV range in hot weather so you can reach your destination with ease of mind and miles to spare.

1. Limit use of air conditioning

This doesn’t have to be as bad as it might sound on a hot day. The cabin doesn’t need to feel like a freezer; a reasonably cool temperature should do the trick since the battery will be taxed for dramatic temperature cooling. Thankfully electric vehicles tend to be equipped with the latest technology and many EVs have the ability to pre-cool the cabin as well as a seat cooling option.

2. Drive with care

As with gasoline powered vehicles, electric vehicles expend more power when you drive like you’re frantically running late. Take it easy by accelerating and stopping smoothly rather than making sudden movements. On a similar note, higher speeds draw more power from the battery which reduces the available range. Bonus: Your passengers will thank you.

3. Be selective about parking spaces

When possible, choose a shaded parking space or park in a garage. If high temperatures are detected by an electric vehicle, protections are put in place to keep the battery from becoming overheated. These self-cooling systems use energy from the battery which reduces the available power for mileage.

4. Minimize accessory power consumption

The battery in an electric car is not only used for propelling the vehicle, but also for the stereo and anything else that uses electricity. If you need the EV’s full range consider keeping the volume low (or off) and reducing interaction with the digital display.

5. Keep the electric vehicle battery charged at midrange

Charging to 100%, especially in hot weather conditions, can cause the battery to become overly heated. Setting a maximum of 80% battery charge is recommended. Using up nearly the entire battery power also impacts battery stamina and lifetime.

Do you know of other ways to maximize electric vehicle mileage range in hot weather? Let us know by commenting below!

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