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EV Charging Station Buyer’s Guide for Fleet Managers

Giving Fleets the Power They Need:  A Fast & Reliable Charge Every Time

From school buses to garbage trucks, delivery vehicles to ride share fleets, airports to warehouses, electric vehicles are working hard, transforming industries, and lowering costs. Electric vehicles reduce costs by eliminating or reducing the need for gas and maintenance. And today’s consumers care that you’re leading the way to a sustainable future.

  • Today’s industrial electric vehicles are built to haul freight, deliver goods and move people.
  • When you make the switch to an electric fleet, your employees will enjoy a quieter, safer and cleaner workplace.
  • Expensive gas and servicing internal combustion engines become a distant memory when you make the move to electric. With fewer moving components, brakes that last twice as long and oil-free motors, electric vehicles need next to no maintenance. Just plug in and count the savings.

ClipperCreek is the market leader in high power and fleet EVSE manufacturing. We offer the largest variety of power levels, fitting every fleet’s needs. Our commercial pedestals make adding a second charging station to maximize space easy and affordable.

ClipperCreek offers commercial charging stations at the highest power level (up to 33kW) with a variety of innovative solutions to provide additional functionality such as access control, energy monitoring, and building energy management system integration.

Electrification of a fleet can put a large load on the facilities electrical system, ClipperCreek has a variety of power sharing solutions available for fleets looking to charge vehicles within a specific power budget.

Need More Information?

If you have questions, or would like help planning EV charging infrastructure we would be happy to help.

Our Product Specialists can assist with choosing the perfect solution for your workplace. Fill out the form below or get in touch via:

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ClipperCreek is the perfect solution for fleets:

  • Power levels available for many specific missions
  • Optional data tracking available
  • Years of field experience
  • Designed for easy integration to building energy management systems
  • Innovative load management and load sharing solutions
  • User override for load management



Most popular fleet charging stations and equipment

We offer a variety of charging stations and mounting solutions perfect for fleets, large and small. We offer charging stations with access control, load management, digital access control, and some that can be integrated with a variety of energy management systems.

Our most popular public charging stations are below, but fill out the form above or contact us if you need help deciding on the right solution for your business.

CS-100 Wall Mount Fleet


80 Amp | Level 2 | 240V

Share2 Bundle

Circuit Sharing 48 Amps

HCS Pedestal Cable Management fleet

HCS Pedestal

with Cable Management


32 Amps | Level 2 | 240V

clippercreek fleet ev charger cyberswitching

ClipperCreek Partners

ClipperCreek partners with a variety of businesses for various commercial charging solutions. If your business has unique needs, ClipperCreek likely has a perfect solution. Contact us to learn more.


Optimize the power needed to efficiently charge multiple electric vehicles while reducing the costs with Cyber Switching. Perfect for fleet management. Learn more: Cyber Switching recently introduced a new solution called the EV Master Controller (EVMC), compatible with ClipperCreek Electric Vehicle Safety Equipment (EVSE, also commonly referred to as ‘charging stations’). The EVMC provides substantial savings to the installation costs of EVSEs as well as to monthly utility bills.  Read more >


To find out more about some of our other partners visit:

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Here is what our some of our clients are saying:

I find the ClipperCreek chargers to be easy to use and reliable. Our employees love them!

Kathy Knoop, Electric Transportation Coordinator

Salt River Project

I have loved our experience with ClipperCreek. Their chargers are the most reliable on the market which gives me peace of mind for our customers. I know that when they use ClipperCreek, they will always be taken care of.

Tammy Myers, Sales Administrator

Via Motors

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