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2023 Lotus Eletre

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2023 Lotus Eletra

Base MSRP: From $120,000

Tax Credit: Up to $7,500

Battery Size: 100 kWh

EPA Range: 315 pure-electric miles, (BEV)

Charging Acceptance Rate: 22 kWh

2023 Lotus Eletre
2023 Lotus Eletre


Performance: two electric motors, 600 horsepower

Mileage estimate: 315 electric miles

Price estimate: from $120,000

Warranty: 3 years / 36,000 miles (USA)

2023 Lotus Eletra


British automaker Lotus has always manufactured super-fast, flashy sports cars that most of us have never been able to afford.

The Lotus design is always out-of-the-box, the engineering is creative, and the overall product often resembles something out of a James Bond movie. So, when the company decided to delve into electric vehicles, one anticipated there would not be any cookie-cutter vehicles that might be mimicking another EV already on the road.

Even though it’s not even available yet, the 2023 Lotus Eletre is already being hailed as the most radical car in the company’s storied history.

The inevitable question is how will the Lotus Electric stack up against the Tesla Model X, also an SUV? Lined up side by side, the Model X looks bland in comparison to the ostentatious Eletre.

Neither EV is cheap. Yet Tesla has the edge, selling for around $114,000, while the Lotus will cost approximately $130,000. It seems silly to label the Model X as practical, but that’s how it appears when going one-on-one with the Lotus EV.

The Eletre is expected to be available for US drivers in 2024. If one can’t wait that long to purchase a Lotus EV, check out the 2022 Lotus Evija, a limited production sports car that travels at speeds up to 200 mph. Note that the outrageous cost of the Evija is north of $2 million!

Exterior Style

A small, extremely stylish luxury SUV, the Eletre features an aggressive front end with a full-width black section that hides the recessed headlights and vents that direct the airflow over the hood and past the front wheels.

Below that is a grille with triangular panels meant to provide air into the electric motors and cool the front brakes. A fashionable option is a full-length panoramic glass roof that looks super cool.


Since it’s following the Lotus playbook, is there any surprise the all-wheel-drive Eletre is lightning fast and quick? The five-passenger SUV (there’s optional seating for four) reportedly will travel 0-60 mph in just below 3.0 seconds and can top out at 161 mph.

The Eletre has two electric motors that combine to generate 600 horsepower. The SUV is the heaviest and tallest vehicle in Lotus history.

Equipped with massive 21-inch wheels, the Eletre provides a terrific ride that includes exceptional handling, communicative steering and engagement that will please its driver. There are four different drive modes – Range, Tour, Sport, and Off-Road.

Much like any Tesla, the Lotus Eletre will have some cool technology. It will be equipped with an autonomous capability that allows the vehicle to arrive from a nearby parking space and conveniently repark itself.

Charging and Range

The much-more affordable Eletre has a 100-kWh battery that Lotus labels as fast-charging technology. It has a range of approximately 315 miles and can be restored with a 350-kW charger to nearly 250 miles in just 20 minutes.

Interior Space

Stitched leather, high-density wool, and a microfiber dashboard help give the Eletre interior an upscale look. Lotus deviates from the norm by replacing the classic door mirrors with a system it calls “Electric Reverse Mirror Displays.” Multiple cameras provide the driver with a 360-degree view.

The Eletre has a large 15.1-inch touchscreen that Lotus says takes no more than three touches on the screen to access any of its functions.

One rather astonishing feature is the front dash is a light blade that changes color on all incoming phone calls, and both battery charger and cabin temperature change.


What should not be surprising to anyone familiar with the Lotus brand is it produced a fabulous-looking EV that provides exhilarating performance. The downside is price will be an issue with some potential buyers, but that’s nothing new for Lotus.

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Video Review: 2023 Lotus Eletra

Recommended Charging Stations = N/A

Recommended Charging Station = DC Fast Charger (Level 3)

Vehicle Acceptance Rate: 22 kWh

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