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2022 Tesla Cybertruck Electric Truck

Photo Credits: Tesla, Car and Driver

Better Utility Than A Truck, Outperforms Most Sports Cars

2022 Tesla Cybertruck

Base MSRP: From $39,900

  • Single Motor – From $39,900
  • Dual Motor – From $49,900
  • Tri-Motor – From $69,900

Battery Size: 200 kWh

EPA Range: 200 to 500 pure electric miles

Charging Acceptance Rate: 11kW


Performance: 3 versions –
Single-motor, dual-motor, tri-motor

Mileage estimate: 250 to 500 electric miles

Price estimate: : $39,900 to $69,900

Warranty: 4 years / 50,000 miles

Drivetrain Warranty: 8 years / unlimited

2022 Tesla Cybertruck


Is the Tesla Cybertruck for real? It’s been described as part Blade Runner and part NASA Lunar rover. One thing it’s not is conventional.

Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk has his doubts regarding the radical-looking, sharp-edged truck whose exterior is made of scratch and dent-resistant stainless steel.

“To be frank, there is always some chance that Cybertruck will flop, because it is so unlike anything else,” Musk said. “I don’t care. I love it so much even if others don’t. Other trucks look like copies of the same thing, but Cybertruck looks like it was made by aliens from the future.”

Judging by the number of pre-orders, it’s doubtful the six-seat crew cab pickup that’s roughly the size of a Ford F-150 could flop initially. As of early August 2021, there were reportedly a staggering 1.2 million orders at a fully refundable deposit of $100. An estimated $39,900 for the base model is apparently quite appealing.

Production of the space-aged truck at the Tesla plant in Gigafactory, Texas has been pushed back several times. The latest company projection is the Cybertruck will begin production late in 2022.

It was more than two years ago when Musk proudly showed off the controversial Cybertruck prototype at a flashy November 2019 event in Los Angeles. The Cybertruck look has been talked about ever since. There’s nothing really like it, although the new Bollinger truck will have an extremely unique exterior as well.

Exterior Style

The Cybertruck’s angular body consists of a cold-rolled stainless-steel exoskeleton that reportedly can’t be penetrated even by a 9 mm bullet. Beneath the skin is an adaptive air suspension system that allows for up to 16 inches of ground clearance.

Oddly, what is currently missing with the Cybertruck is something germane to all vehicles – external mirrors. Not having them is illegal under the California Vehicle Code.

Interior Space

While not as shocking as the exterior, the Cybertruck interior is certainly unconventional. It’s full of unique design touches and cues. One of them is a steering wheel that resembles a video game controller and another is the low dashboard that allows for tremendous visibility.

Tesla is known for its minimalistic interiors and the Cybertruck follows that trend. It’s dominated by a large 17-inch infotainment screen that resides front and center, and controls most of the vehicle’s functions. There are very few knobs and buttons in the large cabin. One thing totally missing is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

Another unconventional aspect is the Cybertruck’s leather seats accommodate six passengers – three in front and three in the back. If not used, the center front seat folds down to create an armrest and storage area.

There’s an estimated 100 cubic feet of lockable storage in the truck’s 6.5-foot bed that offers a small storage compartment in the rear bed floor. The Cybertruck has air compression and can lower 4 inches when unloading. A retractable cargo-bed cover hides anything being hauled.

Towing capacity ranges from 7,500 pounds in the single-motor Cybertruck to the tri-motor’s 14,000 pounds. The payload is 3,500 pounds.

Charging and Range

The mileage range and performance are determined by which one of the three versions of the Cybertruck is chosen. They all use a 100-kWh battery. The tri-motor comes with a charger compatible with an 800-volt DC fast charger. It will reportedly take about 10 minutes to add around 100 miles of range. Tesla has provided no definitive charging information on the other two motors.


    • Single-motor: The standard Cybertruck is rear-wheel drive and will have a range of 250 miles and goes 0-60 mph in 6.5 seconds.
    • Dual-motor: It comes equipped with all-wheel drive and the range is expected to be 300 miles. It will accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds.
    • Tri-motor: Also with all-wheel drive, this is an extremely quick version of the Cybertruck, going 0-60 mph in just under 3 seconds and tops out at 130 mph. The range is approximately 500 miles.


Initial interest is excellent, so look for a lot of space-age Tesla Cybertrucks on the road in 2022. This is a one-of-a-kind pickup that could be a love or hate thing for many typical truck owners.

–  J.W.

User Video: 2022 Tesla Cybertruck

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