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EV Charging: Indoor vs. Outdoor, Weather Concerns

Q: Can I install a ClipperCreek 240V charging station outdoors?

A: For outdoor installations, we recommend installing a hardwired 240V EV charging station. All ClipperCreek charging stations have a fully sealed NEMA 4 enclosure that provides superior protection to the components inside the station from outdoor elements. The NEMA 4 enclosure ensures the components inside the unit are protected from the elements. We recommend a hardwired unit for an outdoor installation as it provides better weather protection for the connection to power. If you install the plug-in unit outdoors we would recommend installing a watertight cover over the plug and outlet combination.

We also recommend checking with a licensed electrician to ensure installing a 240V plug-in charging station outdoors meets your local codes. There was a change in the National Electric Code requirements at the beginning of 2017 that allowed 240V charging stations to be installed outdoors, however, sometimes local codes can vary.

Q: If I install an indoor rated ClipperCreek 240V charging station can I charge my vehicle outdoors?

A: Yes, many customers have room to install their 240V EV charging station in their garage, but do not have room for the electric vehicle itself. Customers have installed the station inside their garage and run the charging cable outside to charge the electric vehicle. If you do plan to use the station in this fashion we do recommend not closing the garage door all the way down on the charging cable, but leave a small gap to ensure the longevity of the cable.

Also, a wall mount connector holster can be installed outdoors to provide a place to store the connector head when not in use with the vehicle. The holster provides a secure place to store the connector head and provides extra protection from the elements.

Q: Can I charge my electric vehicle with a ClipperCreek EVSE when it is raining or snowing?

A: Yes, the connector on ClipperCreek electric vehicle charge stations are designed to drain water and the inlet on your vehicle is designed to drain water as well. Once the connector is connected into your vehicle, a water tight seal is formed.

It is fine to charge your electric vehicle in the rain or snow.

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