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Why Join an EV Club or Group?

Not only is it fun, but joining a group or club gives you a chance to interact with like-minded individuals and EV enthusiasts. Members share information, tips, and experiences. Most local groups have monthly meet-ups and online groups have a consistent stream of conversation. Many groups also participate in community outreach events, like ride and drives, to educate new and potential EV drivers on all the features and benefits of electric vehicles.

The groups below are just a few examples of some of the different types of clubs or groups there are.

Electric Auto Association

The Electric Auto Association is North America’s leading electric vehicle group that has long worked to accelerates the adoption of electric vehicles. There are 80 chapters and thousands of members who talk neighbor-to-neighbor in their communities about the benefits of driving electric. At just $35/year, it’s inexpensive and offers many benefits:

  •  Keeping up with Global and Local EV News.
  •  Connecting with like-minded people who are passionate about EVs and the environment.
  •  Helping improve EV adoption through local outreach and creating EV policy change.
  •  Install more fast chargers
  •  Improve financial incentives
  •  Social gatherings
  •  Receive discounts on products and services
  •  EAA acts as a source of information for the membership, other organizations and the public, on the current state of electric vehicle technology worldwide.
  • EAA encourages experimentation in the building of electric vehicles, particularly to improve energy and resource efficiency, reduce emissions and improve vehicle safety.
  • EAA promotes and organizes public exhibits of electric vehicles built by members and others for the purpose of informing the public on the progress of electric vehicle technology and conducting public opinion polls.
  • EAA uses all media, such as newsletters, websites, information packages, and other paper and electronic media designed to inform the public and promote the cause of electric vehicles.
  • Joining EAA includes membership in your local chapter. Click here to find an EAA chapter near you.

Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association

SacEV is a local chapter of the EAA and comprised of both new and experienced electric plug-in vehicle owners in the Sacramento area.

SacEV holds meetings the second Wednesday of odd number months. In even months, weekend excursions, factory visits, or special events are offered. If you live in the Sacramento area, look for their upcoming events: Sac EV Events

Tesla Owners Club

Own a Tesla? How about joining the The Tesla Owners Club, a group of some of the most passionate EV drivers and enthusiasts around? They support legislative efforts, offer test-drives, volunteer at EV events, host social events and passionately refer friends and family to explore Tesla ownership for themselves!

Find information on a club near you on the Tesla Owner’s Club website. No club nearby? Think about reaching out to another club leader to find out how to start one up in your area!

Sacramento Women of Electric Vehicles

Women Supporting Women: Mentoring, Networking Opportunities for Women in the Transportation Electrification Sector

This new Sacramento-area chapter of Women of Electric Vehicles  is looking for women working in the transportation electrification field who are interested in professional development, networking, mentoring and support in the largely male-dominated field of electric vehicles.

This group is for women who are currently working in the EV industry only, however women who are currently interested in a future working in the EV industry are welcomed. Become a WEV at

sacramento women of electric vehicles

EV Club of CT

The EV Club of CT is another regional group of EV enthusiasts. Their mission is to be evangelists for EV adoption and to help CT meet the goals set forth in the Multi-state ZEV Action Plan. They interact with people at EV shows and ride and drive events and advocate for (as well as help draft) EV-friendly legislation.  And, finally, the EV Club of CT is a great resource for anyone who is looking to buy an EV.

They are offering a whole array of NDEW 2020 events. Check them out at SUSTAINABLE FAIRFIELD’s GREEN WHEELS VIRTUAL EXPO 2020

jay leno interview green wheels expo

Online EV Groups

There are also various clubs and forums on the web (particularly on social media) that may be specific to your area or a vehicle make.  A quick internet search will help you find the online group you’ve been dreaming of; here are just a few:

San Francisco Tesla Club

MD Volt Inc.

Hyundai Kona EV Owners Group

Chevy Bolt EV Owners Group

Nissan LEAF Owners Group


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