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Self driving car on a road. Autonomous vehicle. Inside view.

 Driving electric vehicles offers many benefits (aside from a fun time):

  • Cheaper to run (electricity costs an average of 66% less than gas)
  • Cheaper to maintain (no oil changes, no smog checks, less wear on brakes)
  • Other savings (like tax incentives, utility rates, rebates)
  • Better for the environment (less pollution, more use of renewable energy, more use of recycled materials)
  • Health benefits (less air and noise pollution)
  • Safety improvements (lower risk of rollovers, fires and explosions)
  • Our energy security (EVs are easy to power from local and renewable energy sources, reducing our dependence on foreign oil. There are also better employment benefits through the use of locally produced electricity)

Because there are so many benefits to electric vehicles, it’s no surprise that many existing organizations have gotten involved in supporting the transition to electric and others have formed solely for the purpose. We get regular inquiries from customers and followers about which organizations we suggest they support with their time or money and where they can find reliable information about electric vehicles. The list below are some of our favorites; check them all out to see how you might learn from them, volunteer for them, or perhaps help them out financially. Organizations like these are driving the change; we encourage you to keep them in mind when you make your next charitable contribution – perhaps on the upcoming National Philanthropy Day (Nov 15, 2020)?

adopt a charger non-profit logo

Adopt a Charger

Adopt a Charger, a nonprofit organization, accelerates the widespread adoption of plug-in vehicles through the proliferation of public, fee-free electric car chargers which are “adopted” by sponsors. These sponsors, corporations, organizations and individuals, donate funds used to install and maintain EV chargers in parks, museums, beaches and other widely used public places. With your support, Adopt a Charger is able to install and maintain fee-free EV chargers in parks, museums, beaches and other widely used public places. Help accelerate their cause! Learn more at

Read more about Adopt a Charger in this recent article, “Grassroots Activists Push EV Charging Stations”


electric auto association

Electric Auto Association (EAA)

The Electric Auto Association is North America’s leading volunteer organization that accelerates the adoption of electric vehicles by supporting its 80 chapters and thousands of members as they talk neighbor-to-neighbor about the benefits of driving electric. The Electric Auto Association accelerates the widespread adoption of electric vehicles through education, infrastructure support and demonstration. Learn more at:

forth mobility logo

Forth Mobility

Forth Mobility brings communities, car companies, industry partners, utilities, and entrepreneurs together to support business growth, create living-wage jobs and strengthen the economy. The demonstrate new technologies in real-world projects that help improve our lives and expand mobility options. Forth Mobility advocates for smart laws and policies that strengthen emerging mobility solutions and ensure cutting-edge technologies benefit us all. They also organize events and test drives to showcase the latest technologies and bring the fun, efficiency and money-saving benefits of electric and smart mobility to the public. Learn more at

Plug in America

Plug In America (PIA)

Plug In America is a non-profit, supporter-driven advocacy group. They are “the voice” of plug-in vehicle drivers across the country. They work to drive change to accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our nation’s dependence on petroleum, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
They help consumers, policy-makers, auto manufacturers and others to understand the powerful benefits of driving electric. Plug In America founded National Drive Electric Week, the world’s largest celebration of the plug-in vehicle. Learn more at:

If we missed your favorite EV-supporting non-profit, drop us a note or leave a comment below and we will try to include them in an upcoming post. Otherwise, please feel free to browse our charging stations or contact us.


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