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Increase traffic and sales by engaging clients longer.

Offering amenity (public) charging promotes a healthy environment and economy

  • Draw more customers in for longer periods of time.
    Get recognized for EV friendliness. Many businesses are promoted as a result of installing an EV Charger: press releases, blog posts, social media posts by customers = FREE Advertising!
  • By supporting renewable energy you are helping reduce
    dependence on foreign fuel and helping reduce pollution.
  • EV charging infrastructure is more affordable than ever before! There are many federal, state and local incentives for installing commercial Level 2 charging stations at your business.

Other potential benefits to your company:

“Why would I restrict it? The cost is next to nothing. And folks are likely to come in and have a drink as a goodwill gesture anyway.”

Deanna Crossman

Co-Founder of Mayton Inn

Cary, NC

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If you have questions, or would like help planning EV charging infrastructure we would be happy to help.

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It’s the right time to invest in charging

Experience an increase in traffic as consumers find you on maps of charging points on their smartphone apps.

By installing an EV charger at your business, you’re helping to build the infrastructure for electric vehicles, thereby accelerating the adoption rate. Electric vehicles are seen as a critical component to combatting climate change.

Consumers increasingly want to do business with environmentally-sound companies. You can boost your business reputation by having a charging point.


Most popular amenity (public) charging stations

We offer a variety of commercial charging stations and mounting solutions perfect for airports, universities, casinos, hotels, shopping centers, and more. Our most popular public charging stations are below, but contact us if you need help deciding on the right solution for your business.


32 Amp, 240V, Hardwired, Installed on a 40A dedicated circuit

ClipperCreek HCS-40 Hardwired 7.7kW EV charging station

Starts at $622


40 Amp, 240V, Hardwired, Installed on a 50A dedicated circuit

ClipperCreek HCS-40 Hardwired 7.7kW EV charging station

Starts at $699


32 Amp, 240V, Hardwired, 40 Amp circuit, charges 2 cars simultaneously

HCS-D40R dual rugged evse hardwired clippercreek bestselling commercial

Starts at $1484


32 Amp, 240V, Hardwired, 50 Amp circuit, charges 2 cars simultaneously

HCS-D40R dual rugged evse hardwired clippercreek bestselling commercial

Starts at $1627


48 Amp, 240V, Hardwired, Installed on a 60A dedicated circuit

HCS-60 Bestselling 48 Amp EVSE for EV Reviews

Starts at $989

Fill out the form above or contact us for information on volume discounts.

CS Liberty EV charger on pedestal

ClipperCreek by Enphase Partners

ClipperCreek by Enphase partners with a variety of businesses for various commercial charging solutions including access control, load management, metering, and more. If your business has unique needs, we probably have the perfect solution. Contact us to learn more.

Kitu Systems

As a global leader in intelligent energy, Kitu Systems solves the complex information and communication technology challenges of the distributed, interconnected and coordinated energy network. Their Electric Vehicle Service Platform, Kitu Convoy, is a comprehensive solution allowing site owners to serve tenants, guests, employees or customers easily and securely.  Kitu Convoy is highly interoperable and integrates with ClipperCreek by Enphase, following industry standards.

To find out more about some of our other partners, please visit:


The Highest Standards. The Happiest Customers.

Here is what our clients are saying:

When our non-profit places public EV charging stations in remote areas where there are no backup alternatives, the units we choose have to perform with perfect reliability or drivers get stranded, so we always install ClipperCreek.

We admire ClipperCreek for their commitment to designed and built in the US products, and use and recommend them every chance we get.

Bob Harris, Black Bear Solar Institute

We’ve been installing Clipper Creek electric vehicle charging stations for more than three years and the results have been excellent for our customers and our business. Clipper Creek charging stations have proven to be robust in our relatively harsh climate, enabling our customers to reliably charge their electric vehicles. With transportation accounting for roughly 1/2 of all carbon pollution in our region, solar + EV charging with Clipper Creek is a critical part of the transition to a clean energy economy.

Frederick Greenhalgh, ReVision Energy

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