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ClipperCreek Announces Availability of LCS-20P Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging Station at $395

Most popular Level 2 EV charging station now available with four NEMA plug styles

Auburn, CA – Availability of ClipperCreek LCS-20P Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging Station at $395 — Today ClipperCreek announced immediate availability of its popular LCS-20 EV charging station with a plug, previously available only as a hardwired unit.

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“The LCS-20 is the most reliable Level 2 charging station on the market and was the first to break the $400 price barrier, making it affordable for EV owners to charge quickly. The plug-in LCS-20P ensures even more EV owners can enjoy Level 2 charging inexpensively,” said Jason France, President and Founder of ClipperCreek. “As the popularity of moveable charging stations has increased, customers have been asking for a plug-in version at the LCS-20 price point and we are proud to continue to be the leader in high value EVSE products,” said France. The LCS-20P is offered at $395 and the original LCS-20 hardwire unit is now offered at $379.

Positive Customer Impact “The LCS-20P now comes with the four most common residential 240V supply power plugs. Some customers will be able to use an existing receptacle and it will cost virtually nothing to install. If a customer does not have a pre-existing receptacle, a licensed electrician can wire one in,” said Will Barrett, ClipperCreek Sales Manager. “At ClipperCreek we use long cables in all our charging stations, potentially saving our customers more money. Plus it’s nice to be able to reach your electric vehicle in more than one location or reach a friend’s vehicle. The cable wraps around the unit to keep it off the floor and our units come with a very durable, low-profile holster to hold the connector close to the wall and out of the way. ClipperCreek stations require no assembly, just mount it to the wall, connect power and start charging.”

Christopher Alan, EV industry expert and publisher of Electric Car Insider Magazine commented on the LCS-20 recently saying, “A couple thoughtful design features make it clear that ClipperCreek designers have enough experience to understand the little details that make the charger easier to use. The company’s reputation for reliability is well deserved. This reporter’s experience with two ClipperCreek units, an LCS-25 and an HCS-60, has been that they operate flawlessly. Neither has ever had ever so much as a hiccup and have never required a reset or any other attention. The LCS-20 is made in America, has ETL Certification and comes with a 3 year warranty.”  To read more about what Alan said about the LCS-20, click here.

Availability of ClipperCreek LCS-20P Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Station The ClipperCreek LCS-20P Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Station at $395 is available for purchase immediately at or by calling the ClipperCreek customer service center at (877) 694-4194.   For more information on the ClipperCreek LCS-20P Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Station at $395:

To view a video demonstrating the durability of a ClipperCreek EV Charging Station Click Here.

To view a video of the installation of a hardwire ClipperCreek EV Charging Station Click Here.

About ClipperCreek: Founded in 2006, ClipperCreek is a worldwide leader in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). The company offers a wide range of products designed to be the safest, most innovative, and grid-ready EV charging stations on the market. ClipperCreek advances the plug-in vehicle market and broadens the acceptance of the most exciting vehicle revolution in a century. The industry pioneers at ClipperCreek build more than 20 years of real world EV charging expertise into every EVSE they manufacture. All ClipperCreek products are Made in America. For more information visit


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