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More than one EV? How to manage charging

Coming Soon! In the meantime, check out all the other National Drive Electric Week events from ClipperCreek and around the globe here: Drive Electric Week 2020 #NDEW2020 11850 Kemper Rd., Auburn, CA 95603 (877) 694-4194 FOLLOW...

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EV Charging Safety

Safety might not be the first consideration when selecting a charging station, but safety is actually the most important thing to consider. The primary function of a plug-in vehicle charging station is to provide electrical safety for the operator and electrical...

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Get Involved! Electric Vehicle Clubs

Why Join an EV Club or Group? Not only is it fun, but joining a group or club gives you a chance to interact with like-minded individuals and EV enthusiasts. Members share information, tips, and experiences. Most local groups have monthly meet-ups and online groups...

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Review of ClipperCreek’s HCS Dual Charging Station

by Guest Blogger Leo Chan In Q4 2019, my family went fully electric and added a second EV. The second EV introduced charging challenges. I thought we could share one NEMA 14-50 outlet by alternating charging cars every other day but due to long commutes, this wasn’t...

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Most Popular Residential Station this Week:

32 Amp Hardwired Residential EVSE

Most Popular Commercial Station this Week:

32A Dual EV Charging Station Ruggedized for Parking Lot

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